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Hi, my name is Leyla Gunn, I am a Physical Education teacher and I currently work in five different primary schools across Orkney. I studied at Edinburgh University for four years and during my time there I had the opportunity to learn so much more than just teaching PE. Over the years I found myself becoming very interested in aspects of equity in school and sports and gendered stereotypes. Over lockdown, I have gained an ever-increasing interest in mental health and the concerning rise that may inevitably follow such a long and unencountered circumstance.

I am not an expert in mental health, however, as a PE teacher, I have a very broad understanding of all aspects of wellbeing. Using my own knowledge and a lot of research I have set up this page that I hope to share with others to gain a better perspective of our general Health and Wellbeing, why it is so important, and what we can do to help ourselves and others. 

It is my personal opinion that all aspects of our wellbeing and how we manage them should be discussed with children from a younger age. There are many pages out there that can provide support, you can find these throughout the page and under the resources tab. I hope this page can be used to gain information and guide people to support in maintaining their wellbeing. 

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Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional

Health and Wellbeing encompasses many aspects of our daily life. Focussing not only on the exercise that we get but also the food that we eat and the social interactions that we encounter. Health and Wellbeing isn't just about our physical health but also our emotional, social and mental wellbeing. On this page we will explore each of these aspects individually and consider their direct impact to our daily routines.

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Understanding our body

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Looking out for ourselves and others

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Understanding our feelings


Also remember - The tips on this website are not a quick fix, not everything will work for the same people and sometimes our wellbeing will be a little lower than other days and that is OKAY! The best thing to do is find things that work for you and if/when you are ready you can share your experiences.