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Mental Health Week!

"What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation." - Glenn Close

Although mental health is something that we should be aware of all the time, mental health week gives us the opportunity to learn more about mental health and to plant conversational seeds around the topic. It is never to late to start learning about mental health and as it is becoming more prevalent (especially after lockdown) it is important to know how we can help to support ourselves and others.

Take me for example...

I decided to set up this page over two months ago and throughout the process I have learned so much about our mental health. I have noticed things about myself and aspects of my daily routine that can have an impact on my mental health, I have found ways to de-stress and I have also learned so much important information that I have wanted to share with everyone!

The focus of this years mental health week is NATURE! After the last year this is an incredibly fitting theme where we are all encouraged to reconnect with nature. Now you might think...'nature isn't really my thing'. But try this week to challenge yourself to interact with nature - this doesn't necessarily mean you have to go out in it - Click Here for some great ideas of how you can connect with nature this week.

Why not?

Take a photo of you connecting with nature and share it with others!


Try to broaden your knowledge this week around any aspect of mental health or pick something to do that will benefit your own mental health!

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