Love Yourself


What is self-esteem?

Our Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves and what we believe about ourselves. It can help us by giving us the courage to try new things, make new friends, and accept mistakes when they happen. Self-esteem can help us overcome new challenges and keep trying our best. Our self-esteem can often change, in some situations it can be knocked down and in others it can be built up (by yourself and others).




Someone who has high self-esteem will believe in themselves and their abilities (even if they don't do too well to start with), they will feel good about themselves and are usually able to see the good things about themselves. However, sometimes we have lower self-esteem and we often feel like we aren't as good at things as others, we find it harder to accept when we are doing a good job at something or that we will ever succeed (this can often lead to giving up), and we sometimes aren't able to notice all the good things about ourselves. Lower self-esteem can also lead to some of the more difficult feelings discussed under emotional wellbeing.

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Think positively and make a list of all of the things that you are good at! Sometimes we can be really hard on ourselves and we forget to think about all of the things we do well - it might be something small or something big it doesn't matter put it on the list (if you are having trouble ask a friend or a family member, it will help to boost your confidence).


Sometimes we all get a little voice in our head that tells us we can't do it or it's too hard (I hear mine when I'm doing maths). Try to change the words of that voice and instead think, "I can learn" or "I am going to give it my best shot!". I often tell my pupils that I will never be mad at the outcome as long as they can tell me that they gave it their best shot! '


Sometimes it is a little too easy to just give up and tell ourselves that we can't do it. But if we did this for everything how would we ever learn? Sometimes even if we don't succeed we can feel a lot better by knowing that we tried. Keep trying and practicing and your self-esteem will start to grow.


Do things that make you feel good, spend time with family or friends, help someone out, little acts of kindness are great ways to help us start feeling good about ourselves.

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As we get older social media becomes a more important part of our life. Social media has many pros however, it can also be a major cause of young adults having lower self-esteem. We often use social media to compare ourselves to others (even if that's not what we are meaning to do). Social media can display things and people in an unrealistic light, through the use of photoshop and filters we automatically compare ourselves to others and this can knock down our self-esteem. Even Likes can have a big impact on somebody's confidence as we compare our 21 likes to someone else's 200 likes and it slowly starts to lower our self-esteem.

Try not to get stuck scrolling through social media and miss all the amazing moments happening in your real life - but when you are on it, try to follow body positivity pages that celebrate everyone, find inspirational and informative content that will boost your self-esteem. Try your best not to get caught up in the number of likes, spending time with the people you love and enjoying life's adventures are way more important. Live in the moment, not on social media.



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