What is Stress? 

Stress is often our body's way of reacting to being put under pressure. Sometimes stress isn't a bad thing, when it stays at a lower level it can actually help to motivate us to achieve different tasks and keep up with the demands of school, home life, and any extra activities that we do in a day. So it's okay to feel stressed sometimes.



Sometimes stress can build up and start to affect how we feel. If you are feeling stressed all the time it can make our minds and bodies feel really tired and sometimes we feel like we just can't keep up with everything.

If this happens here are some things that you can try...


When we are feeling stressed being active can help get rid of some of the nervous energy that we feel.


If you have a really big task to do or loads and loads of homework that just feels like it is piling up try breaking it down into smaller individual tasks and complete them one at a time.


Give yourself some credit when you do manage to tick off some tasks from your tick list. And remember to try your best to stay positive about how you are managing to balance everything (positive self-talk).


If you know you have a lot of work coming up or you are going to have some busy days, try to plan ahead, write a to-do list of the most important things, if you know you have something after school the next day try to find time the night before to set stuff out and pack your bag. Little steps like this can help to take some of the stress away from you.


Talk to anyone that you trust, when we are feeling stressed talking about it can help relieve that feeling. Sometimes people can also help us and take off some of the heavy load that we feel.


When we are feeling stressed it can be easy to just drop everything, stop doing homework, stop going to clubs, stop spending time with friends and family because we feel so tired all the time. It is important to remember that avoiding the tasks will only make us more overwhelmed in the long run. Asking for help on homework is okay and can help take off some of the stress if we are struggling. Every now and again going to our hobbies can feel like more of a task than something that we enjoy doing, but most of the time we will feel so much better once we have been. It is hard to balance everything in life and that is okay! But keep doing your best and no one should ever expect anything more.



Image by Matthew Henry